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The process of essay writing starts differently for different people. While to others it might appear as just a continued flow of ideas from one instant to the next, certain aspects of literal writing have to be observed to ensure a great essay is created. This is the goal that most essay fail to attain in spite of the process appearing straightforward as compared to other forms of academic writing. The standard structure of an essay has an introduction, body paragraphs and conclusion and averages at about five paragraphs for less complicated topics. However, there are instances where the body paragraphs are more hence the total number will be higher than the average.

The introduction gives one the opportunity to present their idea on a given topic. The purpose is to hook a reader and create interest for the reader and ensure they continue reading through the rest of the essay. Towards the end of the introduction one is expected to write a thesis statement. The thesis is normally a single sentence which is clear in terms of stating the side to which the essay will follow. Capturing your thoughts in a precise manner is critical as to how the essay proceeds from that point as the position for the paper is already expressly stated. The length of the introductory paragraph can be anything from five sentences but not too long that it dilutes its hook.

The body paragraphs of an essay detail the argument for the essay as outlined in the thesis statement. The recommended practice is that you should have the strongest argument in the first paragraph and then chronologically proceed. The first sentence in each paragraph should be the topic sentence which basically creates a mini-introduction for the paragraph. It is always important to ensure that the content in each of the paragraph relates back to the thesis statement and transition phrases are used appropriately to connect between the body paragraphs. The last paragraph for your essay will be the conclusion which summarizes the entire essay and makes the final point. The conclusion contains a restatement of thesis to reinforce the position employed throughout the paper.

Review Writing

The value of review writing has increased over the years as more people move towards digital platforms to gain an overall idea of the good and bad of a particular product or service. Reviews tend to employ an intelligent view about a particular subject hence can be perceived as authoritative depending on how it is framed. The first major concern when writing a review is determining what aspects will be evaluated. Depending on the subject matter, this can either be the good, bad or both aspects. This requires one to employ standards in order for the perspective employed in the review to resonate with other people.

Putting together the review requires just a simple essay format where you start with the introduction followed by body paragraphs and eventually the conclusion. The introduction is intended to grab the attention of the reader and effectively identify whatever is under review. Where appropriate, one is expected to identify the author, director or major character such a star. The body paragraphs are split according to the aspects that one wishes to examine in the review. Each paragraph contains one aspect from which all aspects are explored in detail hence helping drive the point. Quotes are used at this to increase the level of credibility for the review or provide readers with check points.

The last paragraph is the conclusion which serves several roles one being allowing you to restate the major aspects raised in the review. Another aspect of the conclusion is that one has to make a judgment on the subject under review. This is significant as it allows readers to weigh through the options that you have raised and decide whether they can arrive at the same judgment which varies depending on the rating system employed. Finally, the writer has to provide a recommendation to the reader on whether they should go ahead and make a purchase or they should wait it out. This illustrates the significant role that a review can have on the life of a product especially when it is new to a market and its brand name is not well known.

Research Paper Writing

The process of writing a great research paper requires deep understanding of the topic in question. While this may appear more or less a straight forward approach to the process, a lot of research has to be conducted on existing literature materials on the topic. Accurate interpretation of the content is critical towards the development of the research paper as this allows consistent flow of ideas. The levels of difficulty will always differ from one research paper to the next given the course and academic level expectations. The availability of information in the internet age has greatly simplified the process hence it is now a point of being able to analyze the relevance and credibility of various sources.

Getting started on writing a research paper requires one to first gain full comprehension of what is expected. The risk of writing a paper only to realize that it does not fully capture what was required in the instructions can be frustrating. Rewriting the paper will eat into your time in addition to leaving you fatigued after having to complete two research papers. The process of gathering information for the chosen topic should be in line with the tone that one intends to have within the paper. This is a critical stage as it determines the direction in which your research arguments will be based from until the research is concluded.

Another important aspect of a research paper is the use of appropriate paper structure to separate various sections and ideas. Putting together a paper structure allows one a greater level of confidence that all sections and points will be covered. Efficiency is a great factor when writing research papers hence one would be expected to exercise effective time management. This helps to ensure that particular sections of the paper do not come off as too rushed. Another critical aspect with research papers is the application of formatting styles. In this case, the styles include APA, MLA, Turabian, and Chicago among others which will be expressly stated in your paper instructions. Attention to detail is paramount as the citations increase the level of academic professionalism in ones work by giving credit to original authors

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