Unversity of Phonenix Occupational Therapy DiscussionSchool


Unversity of Phonenix Occupational Therapy DiscussionSchool

unversity of phonenix

Question Description

Consider the complications of starting a business – funding, hiring, management, leadership, finding your place, and everything else.

Please address the following prompts in your discussion:

  1. In looking at your upcoming career in OT – what do you see yourself doing for the next 10 years? 20 years? What is your career vision?
  2. What are your plans for advancing your career – do you have any interests or areas that are fascinating to you? How do you plan to engage with them?
  3. If there was a catastrophic end to the traditional OTA market, how could you take your plans and dreams and continue to work across your career?

I am asking you to think about your dream world. This is just to consider your future and what you want to do across your career.

– each question needs to be answer with at least 5- 6 sentences

-OTA is occupational therapy Assistant