University of New England Intimate Partner Violence QuestionsSchool


University of New England Intimate Partner Violence QuestionsSchool

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In order for us to intervene in IPV with individuals who abuse their partners, we must have an understanding of the complexity of IPV. This means our knowledge and practice skills must be anchored by an understanding that includes: the ‘mind-set’ of abusers, tactics of control, risk factors that indicate lethality (intent to kill their partner) tactics used with social workers, other mental health professionals, police, courts etc. to avoid the consequences of their actions.

After watching “Understanding Domestic Violence Behaviors: Assailant Interviews” and reading assigned chapters, presentations, and articles, answer the following questions:

  • Family history. What are the differences between Harry and Phil’s family history? How does this information influence your understanding of possible contributing factors of IPV?
  • Abuser behaviors at the beginning of the relationship. Identify any statements made that support the concept that abuse/battering is about control and the abuser is in control of his behavior.
  • List examples of tactics used by abusers to remove the focus from themselves and move the focus to their partner. Were these tactics successful or not?
  • Identify lethality factors in Harry and Phil’s narrative. Include any statements that indicate a high risk of killing a partner.
  • Other information you believe is important.

400 Words APA format.


Bancroft, L. (2003). Why does he do that? Inside the minds of angry and controlling men. New York: Berkley. Chapters 4-15, pp. 76–234.


Resources about abusive men, gay and female abusers: