The Enron Corporation History Failure and Lesson Learned Essay


The Enron Corporation History Failure and Lesson Learned Essay

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There are many lessons learned from companies that have not survived the shifts and changes in the business environment over time. Consider the newspaper or telephone businesses that have had such dramatic disruption. Today only 6.5% of homes have landlines, while over 96% of Americans own cell phones. We read less hard copy media and get so much in real time content. This has not only changed the way we get information, but the shift for advertisers has been damaging to the business.

Select a company that either no longer exists or has gone through a bankruptcy, or a business that has merged or been acquired and analyze the cause for the change and what YOU would recommend from a marketing position on how to make the business successful.

Write a three-page double spaced 12-font document to explain the history, successes, and ultimate failures.

You may use one of the examples below or choose your own company:




Barnum and Bailey Circus

Payless Shoes


Wet Seal

American Apparel

The Limited

Bebe Stores

Destination XL

Perfumania Holdings

True Religion Jeans