(Solved): Week 7 Reflection Forum-What’s Next for you in the Program?


(Solved): Week 7 Reflection Forum-What’s Next for you in the Program?

In the Reflection Forum, you will be graded for your attendance and participation, not on the content of your discussion. The Reflection Forum is different than in the classroom Forum, which does have a standardized rubric for content quality. Because the Reflection Forum is intended for reflection and thoughtful sharing, please feel free to share openly without concern about getting a grade for what you write. As with the other Weekly Forums, you should post your initial response to the question by Wednesday, and make comments on your classmate’s posts. Please share with the class your responses to the following statement/questions: Next course(s) you are planning to enroll in. What were your feelings, thoughts, and opinions about the topic before taking the course? How do you think you will incorporate the knowledge that you gained from this course into your next one? Think of some knowledge and insight gained in this course. How will you use these gains in your practice setting?

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