(Solved): Urinary Tract Infection and Catheter Removal Protocol


(Solved): Urinary Tract Infection and Catheter Removal Protocol

For forum 7, please answer the following questions: Describe the causes and classifications of urinary tract infections (UTI). What are the risk factors associated with UTI? Explain the difference between urinary reflux testing and urinary culture? Include the best practice guidelines for ordering these two tests. Describe the most up to date treatment for UTI’s What advise would you give to your patient regarding UTI prevention? Why are hospitals concerned with CAUTI prevention? Locate your facilities nurse driven catheter removal protocol. Compare your protocol against the ANA’s Streamlined Evidence-Based RN Tool: Catheter Associated Urinary Tract Infection (CAUTI) Prevention found here–evidence/clinical-practice-material/cauti-prevention-tool/anacautipreventiontool-final-19dec2014.pdf

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