(Solved): Relevant Background Factors, Circumstances, and Structure


(Solved): Relevant Background Factors, Circumstances, and Structure

Chapter 3 in Tubbs (2012) discusses six relevant background factors relating to small group interaction. Chapter 4 addresses group circumstances and structure. In a 3-page paper (not including cover and reference pages), discuss the following questions relating to these topics:   How does a person’s background influence his/her participation in a group? What impact do values have on group interactions and tasks? How do values influence one’s participation? What particular values are important to share in a task group? How do you respond to situations where you are working with people in a task group whose values are significantly different from yours? What is the best group size to work with? Why? What are the implications of falling into the common “team traps” (Tubbs, 2012, p. 195)? Select three of the ten most common traps and explain why each one should be avoided and the impact the trap can have on a group or organization.  Format your paper according to APA guidelines and support your responses with a minimum of three academic sources in addition to the textbook. (Newspapers and magazines do not qualify as academic sources.) Paper must have some Biblical perspective

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