(Solved): Reflection using Borton’s framework. communication with a patient.


(Solved): Reflection using Borton’s framework. communication with a patient.

EMA Question Using Borton’s framework, reflect on a new episode of communication with a patient/service user. Explore how your learning from TMA 01 has influenced the development and application of your communication skills. General guidance Preparation Before you begin work on this assignment, re-read your TMA 01 and the feedback you received from your tutor. Using Borton’s (1970) framework ‘What?, So what?, Now what?’ three questions, focus particularly on the second aspect (So What?) to help you critically appraise your communication skills to demonstrate how you have applied your understanding of communication theories and techniques when working with different patients/service users. Structure of the EMA The word limit of this EMA is quite low and therefore you will be required to be concise in your efforts to demonstrate the depth of analysis required at this academic level. You will need to structure your EMA around Borton’s (1970) framework. The framework is structured by these three questions: What? – Briefly describe the new interaction with your patient/service user here. So what? – Review how your learning regarding communication theories and techniques influence the way you use your communication skills during the new interaction with patient/service user. What were the strengths and limitations of your approach? On reflection, are there different skills or approaches that you would use instead, and why? Now what? – How will you take this learning forward to improve and develop your practice in terms of communication? The main focus of your EMA is on the second question (So what?) of the framework, but do ensure that you cover the other two questions (What? and Now What?) briefly. Do remember to do a short plan of your work before you start. This will assist you in being concise in your writing and help you to think carefully about what you write. You need to demonstrate your ability to analyse a situation and develop new insights. Your plan should ensure that you have a coherent beginning that explains what you will be doing during the assignment, a middle that does what the question asks; and a conclusion or recommendations for your future practice. You will need to include references linked to the module materials and additional sources of evidence to support your work and demonstrate your reading beyond the module materials. You may find it easier to divide your word limit into three sections so that you have adequate words allocated to ensure sufficient depth to your work, and to have a brief list of what you will cover in each section. Do not submit your plan, it is merely there to help you organise your work and see a coherent thread to the development of your ideas throughout the assignment. A copy of your marked TMA 01 and PT3 form should be included with this assignment as an appendix. References Borton, T. (1970) Reach, Teach and Touch, London, McGraw-Hill.

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