(Solved): It is a Memo, class progress report to the professors


(Solved): It is a Memo, class progress report to the professors

This is more personal, but I do not have time to write i have a lot finals at this . It is class Progress report for my English report writing class. The professor wanted to see how this classs help to write report and my initial goal. She had assinged a lot of report writing assingment such as going Farmers market and Healty food(report), Community improvment proposal, Memo, peer-review/classmate. This was an online class and all about report writing. Please the instruction for this assignment, Your progress towards the goals I set for you (syllabus needed for this) Your progress towards the goals you set for yourself Your experience working with your group in the “workshop” module (Peer Mark) Your feedback on this class How you felt you grew this semester as a student, a writer, a researcher, and a future professional Class content (books, films, articles) For each goal, you should identify what aspects of your progress have allowed you to meet a goal, or even how you still plan to work on that goal beyond the end of the semester. Some goals may still be “in progress” so do not feel as though this report needs to justify how you have met every single goal in only a semester’s time. As for all reports, the information provided should be substantive, but presented clearly and concisely. Audience: Consider me the audience for this memo; the best strategy is to assume that you must persuade me into recognizing your work as progress towards accomplishing your goals. While no outside research is needed, you must still provide concrete examples for your audience in order to prove your claims. This might mean citing your reports, work, and content in the class (book and films). Purpose: The purpose of this memo is to reflect on your progress at the end of the semester. With other coursework and outside responsibilities, progress in one given class can often go unnoticed. Be honest with yourself and with your audience so that you can truly understand your progress at this point. Organizational strategies: One successful strategy has been to group the goals into “Goals met” and “Goals in Progress,” and under each section, list each specific goal (maybe bolding or italicizing to set it off) and underneath that goal listing the evidence or discussing the progress. You can do that in a fairly concise paragraph (understanding that this type of subject matter doesn’t necessarily lend itself to being quite as concise as the issues memo, for example), or some people use bullets (i.e. “received 130/150 on my memo, demonstrating growing understanding of conventions of professional writing.”) The second strategy has been to group goals into “Class Goals” and “Student Goals” or “My Goals” and follow the above. And then of course you will have the two shorter sections of “Group Feedback” and “Class Feedback.” This format may mean you have a long memo. That’s fine. It’s better to have it span several pages and deal with each goal than to try to work them all together into paragraphs in an attempt to take up less room. This is the time that I went to see you understand how to make a document that is: reader-friendly, appealing on the eyes, not full of overly long or wordy paragraphs, uses organization header, masters HATS (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site. and the 7Cs (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.; make this a flawless piece of work! Style: As noted above, this memo may be wordier than a standard professional memo, simply because of its subject matter. It is fine to list details in order to convey your progress; just be judicious. If you are describing how your time management has improved, give summaries of improvement rather than describing an entire day, for example. Considerations: The important things to remember are (a) to account for each goal separately; don’t lump them together, (b) provide a discussion or evidence for each separate goal. You want to show that you have thought carefully about each goal, and that you understand how our class activities and your own work support those goals. One of the main purposes of this memo is to demonstrate that you apply an understanding of each goal to your day-to-day activities in and out of class. So take that time to give that some thought. Under the goal: • Develop autonomy as a writer, with full responsibility for the work product You might list things such as “Carefully read assigned reading before beginning writing, and again halfway through the writing process, to understand and integrate the concepts into my own writing” as one piece of evidence. A second piece of evidence might be “Utilize not only in- class peer reviewers, but also ask for feedback and proofing from family members and friends.” And so on. There are many, many ways to show you are becoming an autonomous writer. And many, many ways to show you’re working towards all the other goals. You can see that the above takes some thought; this assignment is a good example of the higher- level thinking that a report requires. Analysis, synthesis, and evaluation are all called for here. So please plan to devote enough time to this assignment over the next week. Taking full responsibility for ,the work product means you’re taking full ownership of the grade it receives. Turning in your work: Post this assignment to Canvas (as a .doc or .pdf)

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