(Solved): INH 300: Disaster Incident Report and Presentation


(Solved): INH 300: Disaster Incident Report and Presentation

INH 300: Disaster Incident Report and Presentation Overview: Students are required to investigate and describe a disaster incident. Complete the report using the provided outline as a guide. Be sure to connect responses back to the readings, lecture discussions, and your research. In addition, students will present (15 minutes) the disaster incident to the class on a scheduled date. The presentation should describe the incident, using the assignment outline as guidance. There will be a question and answer portion following the presentation to receive feedback from classmates as well as the instructor. Each student observer will be asked to provide, at minimum, one comment regarding a well-developed aspect of the presented disaster incident as well as one suggestion or question that remains. Assignment Outline Background: Provide a summary of the disaster event: describe the location, the cause of the event, and when it occurred. Disaster Details: Details of the disaster: damage and casualties as well as the duration of event. This should also include a chronology of the incident. The paper should address the type event (category, such as – disease, terrorism, natural or industrial, and the elements of concern due to the type of incident). Preparedness: Discuss the level of preparedness (including plans) or lack thereof, which existed before the event. Response: Describe the type of response that took place during the event. What agencies and organizations participated in the response? Describe the local, state, and/or federal response that may have taken place. What community engagement and involvement existed? How long did the disaster response last? What technology was used to aid in the response? Recovery: Describe the recovery process for this event. Were there any issues with community resilience? What resources was the community lacking to aid in the recovery? How long did recovery last? Discuss private, nongovernmental, and governmental involvement in recovery. What are some of the long-term impacts of the disaster? Summary: Using what you’ve determined to be the type of emergency, identify and describe appropriate mitigation strategies for future similar disasters. Describe and detail tips for preparedness against a future similiar incident. As the incident commander in charge of the response to this disaster, describe steps you would take to facilitate better communication and collaboration among internal and external emergency response partners. Paper Logistics (10 points): Be sure to follow APA formatting and referencing guidelines for this assignment. Use the appropriate headings as instructed in the following outline. Your responses should be written in paragraph form, although you may bullet or list information where appropriate. Include page numbers, a cover page, and citations where appropriate. Be sure to use a minimum of 5 references. Examples of Topic Ideas: 2009 H1N1 Outbreak Boston Marathon Bombing Chernobyl Disaster Chilean Mine Collapse Deepwater Gulf Oil Spill East Japan Earthquake Hurricane Katrina Oklahoma City Bombing Southern California Wildfires.

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