(Solved: Hospital should have a fall prevention or a fall prevention for hospitalized patients


(Solved: Hospital should have a fall prevention or a fall prevention for hospitalized patients

Choose a qualitative study that is related to the clinical problem you identified. This study may also be used in your Evidence Based Practice Proposal, if it is relevant. In a 2-3-page paper, summarize the criteria below, using the Research Critique Form [DOCX, file size 23 KB] as a guide. It is suggested that you use Items I- VIII below as first level APA headings, and the bullet points as suggestions for second level headings, although you may need to combine some bullet points into one heading. This will help you organize your paper. The paper should be written in the third person, except for section VIII, which is a reflection and should be written in the first person, as it is your own thoughts. Use M5A1: Critical Analysis: Qualitative Critique drop box to upload ONLY your paper using the Turnitin integration tool. Use the M5A1: Research Critique Form – Submission Only drop box to upload ONLY your Research Critique Form. ***Please be mindful of these instructions and submit assignments to the correct drop box.*** I. Purpose: Intent of the study. Problem/Significance of the issue. Literature: What evidence did the author base the study on? Did they use primary or secondary sources? Was the discussion of literature relevant to the problem? Goals: what were the researchers trying to understand? II. Design Type of study (ethnography, grounded theory, etc) and setting Relevance: was the selected design appropriate. Why or why not? III. Participants Criteria for participant selection and inclusion to study and sample size. How were participants recruited? Demographic data related to participants. IV. Ethical Considerations Participant rights: discuss voluntary participation, consent, anonymity, confidentiality, withdrawal, and protection from harm. IRB approval at study site. V. Researcher Role Role identity: observer, observer-participant, participant. Bias, beliefs, perspectives, predispositions declared? VI. Data Collection and Analysis Method of data collection: field notes, interview, focus groups etc. Researcher role in data collection. How was data analyzed? Saturation of data. Findings, recurring themes, evidence to support themes. Level on Hierarchy of Evidence VII. Implications Application to practice, leadership, and/or education. Direction for future study. VIII. Reflection (can be written in the first person) Reflect on your thoughts about this study and discuss why it will be useful in solving your clinical problem.

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