(Solved: High Turnover of Licensed Staff in Nursing Homes


(Solved: High Turnover of Licensed Staff in Nursing Homes

Overview: In these assignments, you will use the Iowa Model to investigate a clinical problem and write a 4-6-page paper (not including title page or reference page). You will also create a narrated PowerPoint Presentation summarizing your paper. The PowerPoint Presentation should be 6- 8 slides in length (not including title slide and references), and between 7- 10 minutes in the narration. I. Introduction/ Clinical Problem Define the nursing problem and present your clinical question. Identify whether it is a problem- focused trigger or a knowledge- focused trigger. Make sure you describe the context of the problem, and why you think practice should change. From your clinical problem, format a research question in a PICOT format (Population, Intervention or Issue, Comparison Intervention, Outcome, and Time Frame). For example, if your problem was patients with high rates of post-operative infections, and you wanted to investigate a different preoperative scrub, your PICOT question may look like this: Population: Patients undergoing surgery in XXX facility Intervention: New pre- op scrub Comparison: Patients not receiving new pre- op scrub in XXX facility Outcome: Infection rates Time Frame: Three months ***PICOT questions are explained in further detail in your text on pg 21. II. Priority Discuss why this problem is a priority for the organization. Examine how the organization will benefit if this problem is solved. Identify who the stakeholders are and how this problem impacts them. For example, if your problem is decreased retention of new graduate nurses, you would want to discuss how the organization will benefit if new graduates are retained. There could be many stakeholders in this example, think about the different individuals and groups who may benefit from better retention of graduate nurses. III. Form a Team Construct a team of 4-5 inter- disciplinary members that will participate in the evidence based practice (EBP) change. Explain the role of each team member, and why they should be on the team. Please do not use “real” names here, the individual’s role in the institution is enough. IV. Assemble a Body of Evidence Perform a literature review on the topic to gather research evidence. Use the Library Page to help you in this search. Remember, the librarians can also be very helpful in finding evidence. Critique the merit of each article using the Learning Resources and The Research Critique Form [DOCX, file size 19 KB]. Use the research critique form to help organize your work and develop your own thoughts about the merits of each study. A completed research critique form must be submitted for each article when you submit your paper. You should have a minimum of five research articles. All five articles must be primary sources. All must be from peer- reviewed journals. Four of the sources must be from nursing journals, one may be from another discipline, if appropriate. Two of the sources may be the same articles you used in your first two papers. V. Analyze the Research Synthesize the results of the evidence. Logically present and analyze the evidence, comparing and contrasting the results. This is not a series of summaries of each article. It is a synthesis of pertinent information from the evidence. Evaluate the evidence and determine if there is sufficient evidence to support an evidence-based practice change, or there is a need for further research on the topic. VI. Conclusion Summarize the main points of the paper.

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