(Solved): Evidence-based population health implement plan assessment


(Solved): Evidence-based population health implement plan assessment

Evaluate the environmental and epidemiological data about your community so that you can illustrate and diagnose widespread population health issues. Develop an ethical health improvement plan that addresses the population health issue you have identified in your evaluation. The plan should be based upon the best available evidence and meet the cultural and environmental needs of your community. Justify the value and relevance of the evidence you used as the basis for your population health improvement plan. Propose criteria that can be used to evaluate the achievement of your health improvement plan’s outcomes. Explain how you plan to apply strategies for communicating with community members and colleagues in the health care profession in an ethical, culturally sensitive, and inclusive way about the development and implementation of your health improvement plan. Integrate relevant sources to support assertions, correctly formatting citations and references using APA style. I started the paper, so the community is already in the paper, scholarly articles must be on that area please.

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