(Solved): EN 200 SHORT REPORT ASSIGNMENT: A Practitioner in the Field


(Solved): EN 200 SHORT REPORT ASSIGNMENT: A Practitioner in the Field

SHORT REPORT ASSIGNMENT: A Practitioner in the Field You are required to summarize your findings from the interview you conducted with a faculty member or professional. When writing, please utilize the following elements of short reports: • Memo header • Organization: introduction, body, conclusion • Bolded subheadings in the “body” section • Use of white space • Clear and concise writing • Professional tone • Length: one to two pages single spaced POSSIBLE ORGANIZATION (you may generate your own order, if you would like): 1) Introduction: brief profile of the professor (name, current position, degrees) 2) Suggested Body Sections: • TRAINING • FIELD EXPERIENCE • FUTURE OF THE FIELD (or TEACHING) • ADVICE FOR NEWCOMERS 3) Conclusion: your personal reflection about the field after conducting this interview Grading: Each criterion is worth 20 points. Format: use of business writing format (memo header, white space, subheadings) Organization: paragraph structure (topic sentence, supporting sentences, summary sentence) and order of information in the report (does it flow?) Syntax: sentence variety (combining short sentences, not starting many sentences the same) Development: information and examples (provide enough details for a general reader) Editing: punctuation, spelling, diction.

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