(Solved): Discussion Board 5.1: A Very Old Man with Enormous


(Solved): Discussion Board 5.1 : A Very Old Man with Enormous

Analyze and respond to Gabriel Garcia Marquez’s “A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings.” Refer to the “Writing about Literature” links to help guide your response. The prompts below can be used for brainstorming purposes. No need to answer them all and, of course, you can devise your own prompt if you like. Either way, be sure that your response is in short essay format (not just a string of short answers) with a clear thesis statement and supporting quotations. 1. If we consider the story to be an example of satire, then what idea, issue or situation is the target of the satire? 2 Why are the townspeople more interested in the Spider Woman than the angel? What does this say about human nature? 3. The story is full of fantastic imagery. Identify some of your favorites and explain how those images support a major theme of the story.

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