(Solved): Discussion 2.1: Communication and the Writing Process


(Solved): Discussion 2.1: Communication and the Writing Process

Chapter 1: Communication and the Writing Process Read the entire chapter. As you read, identify key points that resonate with you: What key points did you learn about communication and the writing process? Which principles are you applying? In your substantial posting, discuss at least three key points that you learned, explain them, and share how you are applying them. Explain the principles so that your teammates can use your explanation as a learning tool; give examples to support your explanation. Note: This discussion is worth 5 points: 4 points possible for substantial posting; 1 point possible for discussion comments. To receive full credit for discussion comments, make a minimum of 4 effective discussion comments. ** After you complete this assignment, I will ask you to complete 4 other people’s discussion. Please Note, this is required! ** This is a link to acess into the drive for the full chapter 1, from pages 5 to 42. Please make sure you read first before starting the assignment.

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