(Solved): Community Support Group Attendance and Reaction Paper


(Solved): Community Support Group Attendance and Reaction Paper

Community Support Group Attendance and Reaction Paper Objectives: 1. Broaden the traditional clinical paradigm to include prevention, early intervention, rehabilitation, and recovery and resilience-oriented approaches to care (ISPN and ANA, 2008) 2. Value patient’s expertise with own health and symptoms (QSEN, Patient Centered-Care, Attitude) 3. Protect patient privacy and confidentiality of patient records and other privileged communications (AACN VIII:8) Directions: All students must independently attend a community support group. Students must independently find a support group in their own or other community to attend. The group must be an “open group” willing to have student participants. Students must adhere to HIPAA confidentiality requirements. A 3-4 page, maximum reaction paper must be typewritten and adhere to APA format completely. All questions below must be answered clearly and comprehensively. This assignment will be graded according to the grading rubric supplied. This assignment is worth 15% of the course grade Refer to your textbook chapters on “Settings for Psychiatric Care, Chapter 4”, “Substance Related and Addictive Disorders, Chapter 22” and “Therapeutic Groups, Chapter 33” when answering questions). 1. Describe the support group you observed. (What type of group? Who was the facilitator? What were his/her qualifications? What was the make-up of the group? How did you choose/find the group? What obstacles did you encounter trying to find the group? 2. What theoretical framework do you think the group was based on? What was the evidence of this? 3. What evidence did you see of group members providing support to each other? 4. What evidence of teaching did you see the group provide? 5. What measures were taken to protect the confidentiality of the group members? 6. If the group was related to addiction, what evidence of enabling behavior did you see? 7. Name and describe two “curative factors” that you observed in the group (refer to your text). 8. Describe your feelings as you observed the group. Grading Rubric Community Support Group Attendance and Reaction Paper Student Name _______________________________ Date ________________ Number of days late _________ Criteria Percent Student score Description of support group 20% Theoretical framework 10% Evidence of group support, teaching, protection of confidentiality 15% Description of curative factors/enabling behaviors 15% Personal feelings and reaction 40% Total Score

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