(Solved: Clinical Safety Project Paper: Saving lives: The epidemic of abuse of prescribed opioids


(Solved: Clinical Safety Project Paper: Saving lives: The epidemic of abuse of prescribed opioids

The purpose of this assignment is to allow students to identify an area in their clinical settings where safety could be improved. Using ideas from the Sammer et al. (2010) article, and through a literature review, a plan for improving the safety of this identified clinical area will be developed. That plan will include specific strategies for changing the situation, roles and responsibilities of all stakeholders, a realistic budget and time frame. Other purposes of this project are to expand students’ leadership potential and written communication skills. Think, what is your vision for safety regarding this clinical issue? The following areas should be included in this project: A written problem statement that introduces the safety and quality topic for your clinical safety project. This memo should include your name, the problem and your reason for this particular safety problem in your area of practice. Why is this problem of concern to you? What is your vision? Description of area/issue/situation where safety could be improved: Include sufficient description so that audience can easily picture the situation. What is the setting? What is the current practice? Why is it a potential threat to safety? Who is involved in this situation? How are you involved in this situation? How this situation related to sources of threat as depicted by the seven subcultures of patient safety identified by Sammer et al. Be sure to reference the Sammer et al. in your paper. Review of literature related to this and/or similar situations. Has this issue/area/situation been identified by others? How has this issue/area/situation been dealt with in the literature? Use at least 3 references, preferably research-based articles for this literature review. Plan for improving the situation: Plan should reflect an understanding of relevant literature including Sammer et al. article and other sources. Plan should be specific and realistic. Identify all stakeholders, roles and responsibilities. Specify your role. Include a specific time frame and budget. Budget should reflect evidence of research into costs—in other words, don’t estimate; look things up so you know specifically what they cost.

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