SOCIO 1121 LC Labor Markets Jobs Education Citizenship Status & Income DiscussionCourse


SOCIO 1121 LC Labor Markets Jobs Education Citizenship Status & Income DiscussionCourse

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Help me study for my Sociology class. I’m stuck and don’t understand.

Use the 4 academic articles provided in the research section of the course in a 750-1000 word essay about labour markets, jobs, education, citizenship status and income. Additional sources are not required. The purpose of the paper is to synthesize the article information and use your sociological imagination and critical thinking skills as you discuss the issues raised in these articles. Cite all sources using ASA style. Include a list of works cited in ASA style. The paper must be submitted as a .doc or .docx file.

Steps to producing a good paper:

1) Read the articles. Make notes about variables used, the relationships between them, the key findings of the article, and the theoretical paradigm used by the researchers. As you make notes, also note page numbers so that you can easily cite sources.

2) Use these notes to write a summary of the research presented in the articles. (If you would like an example, look at the theory section of any of the assigned articles.)

3) Use your sociological imagination to critique these articles. What variables have the researchers not used that could be useful for a more complete understanding of these social phenomena? What populations could be included in a study of the same or similar research questions? What does your experience tell you about these social phenomena? You may want to employ a different paradigm than the researchers. How might that different paradigm raise different research questions or require exploration of different variables, populations or social settings?

4) Cite All Sources using ASA style.

5) Proofread your paper. Have someone who is not taking this course proofread it. Ask that person to tell you what the paper says. Edit as necessary to improve the reader’s understanding of your central argument in your paper.