SOCI 100 MSUA Does Everyone Have An Equal Opportunity Essay


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Question Description

Analytic Essay: This essay should be analytic, thus answering a question by using course readings and/or outside sources. Citations are required. A minimum of 5 course readings must be cited.

Plagiarism: You are expected to write your responses in your own words. Do not copy anything from another source without the required citation.

Citations: Cite key published sources on which you base your answers. For example, give the author’s (or authors’) last name(s) and year of publication.

Format: Answer the examination question in 1300 words. Use the formatting style of your major (eg. APA). The formatting must be consistent throughout the entirety of the essay.

Answer Question:

  1. In America, does everyone have an equal opportunity at success? Cite readings on the criminal justice system, educational system, and health care system to support your answer.