Saint Cloud Technical College Marriage and Family QuestionsSchool


Saint Cloud Technical College Marriage and Family QuestionsSchool

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I’m working on a Social Science exercise and need support.

you have to answer 5 question each 1-2 pages and all your awnsers have to be from the book. no outside information. here are some more instructions. the book is called, Marriage and Family 4. David Knox.

Chapters 1-3

Please answer the following questions in paragraph form. Each answer should be about 1-2 page double spaced. You should rely on information you have gathered thus far in this class through class lectures, readings, videos and the textbook. You will not need any other “outside” sources and you should cite your sources the best you can (example: textbook page 4, class notes, title of video watched, etc.) Please email me with any questions.

  • Why do people get married? What are the advantages and what are the disadvantages of marriage to individuals and society?
  • What are the “types” of marriage and what do they share in common? How are they different?
  • Please describe these three sociological theories or frameworks: Conflict, Structural Function, Symbolic Interaction. Use examples that tie each of these to marriage and family.
  • What is a Gender and how is it different from Sex? What is a Gender Role? Include an explanation and analysis of Toxic Masculinity.
  • Please discuss the “Agents of Socialization”. What is socialization and how does it work (include norms and sanctions)? How do these reinforce our Gender Roles?

those are the questions.