Rutgers University Twelve Years A Slave PaperSchool


Rutgers University Twelve Years A Slave PaperSchool

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Twelve Years a Slave is a remarkable story that brings the brutality of slavery to us in a way that has rarely been presented before. It is one that should provoke much thought and discussion to the plight of people of color in America. You are to write a critical analysis and interpretation of the movie Twelve Years A Slave. Some of the things you may write can come from the chapters in the textbook, You may also want to look at the symbolism of certain scenes and or events, as well as ironies. that stuck out or caught our attention Your submission must be written in size 12, Times New Roman font. It must be a minimum of three pages, double spaced.Attachment preview

Twelve Years a Slave Criteria Ratings Pts Organization Writing shows high degree of attention to logic and reasoning

Rutgers University Twelve Years A Slave Paper