Research Gaps Business Model and Accounting Practices


Research Gaps Business Model and Accounting Practices

Research Gaps Business Model and Practices). The Gap operates retail outlets, such as Banana Republic, Gap, and Old Navy that target different market segments. Each market segment addresses different customers so the managers in each of the Gap’s operating units need different management accounting information to evaluate their performance. Start by writing about the history of the Gap including any subsidiaries (Banana Republic, Old Navy, etc….). Then focus on any GAP’s business model, their target market (young, old, women, children. etc.), the area of coverage. Is it a US based company? Or is it a Global business? Who are their manufacturers? (Products made in US, China, India, etc.) As always, please don’t hesitate to contact me with any questions/concerns. Paper Instructions: Students are required to write a paper on assigned topics. APA Format is required. Your work should be well structured with the use of section headings as needed, and easy to follow. Work should be original. In-text citations should be given to support your work, and give other authors due credit. A minimum of three in-text citations is required. Write a 3 to 5-page paper (1,200 or more words) in APA format. Below is a recommended outline. Cover page (See APA Sample papers in OR Introduction A thesis statement Purpose of paper Overview of paper Body (Cite sources with in-text citations.) Conclusion – Summary of main points a. Lessons Learned and Recommendations 5. References – List the references you cited in the text of your paper according to APA format.

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