Reli 448N Week 6 quiz


Reli 448N Week 6 quiz

The Jewish conception of God is:

Which of the following is not a form of Judaism?

A coming-of-age ceremony that marks the time when a young person is considered a legal adult within the Jewish community is called:

The dispersion of Jews beyond Israel, particularly to Persia, Egypt, and the Mediterranean region is called:

This term means “ritually correct” and refers mainly to the preparation and consumption of food:

True or False: Moses Maimonides argued that Judaism was a rational religion and that faith and reason were complimentary.

The most recent period in Jewish history, called the reform, is characterized by all of the following except:

Key events in Moses’ life included all of the following except:

The list of authoritative books (of the Christian Bible) is called:

The belief that God became visible in the person of Jesus is called:

True or False: the four gospels all depict Jesus in the same way.

Which of the following is not a Gospel of the New Testament?

True or False: The Book of Revelation is written in symbolic language that would have been clear to early Christians, but would have obscured the meaning of the text from others.

Dialogue between Christian denominations is called:

The Second Vatican Council included which of the following reforms:

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