Reli 448N Week 4 Quiz


 Reli 448N Week 4 Quiz

A worldview that sees all elements of nature as being filled with spirit or spirits is called:

If the Divine is seen as existing and operating within nature, it is:

An analytical approach that looks for universal structures that underlie language, mental processes, mythologies, kinship, and religions is called:

The insider’s view, which is informed by the beliefs and practices of those people who are practitioners of a given religious tradition, is:

The elephant-headed son of Shiva, who has become a symbol of strength and abundance, is:

Vishnu has ten major incarnations called:

Which of the following is not one of the 4 Life Stages of Hinduism?

The physical postures and practices that we most associate with the term “yoga” are more accurately called:

Written meditations on the spiritual essence of the universe and the self are called:

The spiritual essence of the universe is called:

The “royal” discipline of meditation is called:

The Buddha of the Western Paradise is called:

This term literally means impermanence:

A question, employed in Zen Buddhism, that cannot be answered logically is called a:

The three bodies of the Buddha are called the

The approach to Buddhism that rejects the personal quest for enlightenment, instead embracing the idea that enlightenment must be universally shared by all sentient beings is called:

A book of sayings attributed to Confucius and his early disciples is the:

The receptive aspect of reality that expresses itself in silence, darkness, and coolness is called:

Doing only what comes spontaneously and naturally is called:

All of the following are Confucian virtues except:

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