NR505 Week 5: Research Summary Assignment


NR505 Week 5: Research Summary Assignment


This assignment provides the opportunity for the student to continue development of a MSN EBP scholarly project that started with the identification of a nursing issue/problem and PICOT question from Week 2.  The focus of this assignment is to review the pertinent literature that supports the practice change intervention.

Course Outcome:

This assignment enables the student to meet the following course outcome:

CO #1. Integrate evidence-based practice and research to support advancement of holistic nursing care in diverse healthcare settings.  (PO # 1)

CO #2. Integrate knowledge related to evidence-based practice and person-centered care to improve healthcare

outcomes. (PO #2, 5)

CO #4. Develop knowledge related to research and evidence-based practice as a basis for designing and critiquing research studies.  (PO 1, 2, 3, 5)

CO #5. Analyze research findings and evidence-based practice to advance holistic nursing care initiatives that

promote positive healthcare outcomes. (PO 1, 2, 5)

Due DateSunday 11:59 PM MT at the end of Week Five

Total Points Possible:  250 points


Description of the Assignment:  This continues the development of a MSN EBP scholarly project by identifying and reviewing a minimum of ten scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles in support of the practice change intervention identified in the PICOT question.

Criteria for Content

  1. Review ten (10) scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles in support of the practice change intervention.
  2. Complete the Research Summary Table Template

State the PICOT question

For each article, complete each section of the table:

  • Write the reference for the article in APA format
  • Write the purpose of the research study
  • Identify the Research study method
  • Identify the Participants
  • Write the data collection methods used
  • Write the findings of the study
  • Identify the limitations of the study
  • Discuss the relevance the study has to your PICOT question

Preparing the Assignment

Criteria for Format and Special Instructions

  1. Add a Title page to the Research Summary Table Template. No reference page is necessary since each article will be identified and placed in APA format within the table.
  2. Title page and references must follow APA guidelines as found in the 6th edition of the manual.
  3. All scholarly, peer-reviewed research articles must be current – within a 5-year time frame unless a valid rationale is provided and the instructor has approved the use of the older reference.

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