Northcentral Role Played by Racism in The Covid 19 Pandemic Article SummarySchool


Northcentral Role Played by Racism in The Covid 19 Pandemic Article SummarySchool

Northcentral University

Question Description

RESEARCH TOPIC: What role racism plays in Covid-19 health outcomes and death rates among persons of color, particularly African Americans.

QUESTIONS THAT WILL BE ANSWERED IN THE BODY OF THE PAPER: 1.) What is the mortality rate of African Americans in a hospital in comparison to other races due to the Covid-19 or related illnesses? 2.) What role does socioeconomic status play in access to suitable healthcare? 3.) What percentage of African Americans have adequate health insurance?


Provide one paragraph summary for each of the two most useful articles you find. Remember, begin with the abstract; if the abstract seems interesting and in line with your research interest, then you need to thoroughly scan the article or perhaps read it in its entirety, taking notes as appropriate.

Keep in mind that it makes the most sense to review the most recent research available. i would not recommend spending a lot of time on something that is thirty years old, for example; recent research is likely to be of greater utility.

Also keep in mind that your summaries are to be in your own words. Do not simply copy from the abstract or article. Make sure to provide citations so that I can easily access the article or data if I choose to. NOTE: Do not simply provide links to articles; rather, provide citations that include the names of authors, the title of the article, the journal title, the date of publication, and the pages on which the article appears. To be clear, you will cite articles in the body of your research paper AND you are to include complete citations on your Works Cited pages at the end of the research paper.