Newspaper article analysis


Newspaper article analysis

Find an online newspaper article in any of the following papers – The Hamilton Spectator, The Toronto Star, The Globe and Mail, or the business section in any other reputable newspaper that deals with a concept covered or to be covered over the course of the present semester. The article must cover business in Canada or the effects on business in Canada. The article must be a NEWS article not an EDITORIAL. The article must be current meaning within the past 4 months. Now do the following: 1-Provide a summary of the article i.e. what is the issue/being discussed. 2-Include the web-link to the online article. 3-Then analyze the article to show how it demonstrates 5 separate and distinct particular business concepts discussed in this course. 4-Your analysis must show the relationship between the article and the concept. Each discussed concept must be a minimum of two paragraphs in length (2 marks per concept).

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