Midland College Tackling Social Problems PaperSchool


Midland College Tackling Social Problems PaperSchool

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I need help with a Environmental Science question. All explanations and answers will be used to help me learn.

PART II: Understand the Problems Answer 3 of 5

Instructions: Describe and explain the following social problems

1. Explain global warming and describe its consequences.

2. Describe the Interactionist perspective on environmentalism.

3. Describe the Conflict perspective on environmentalism and how it leads to environmental racism.

4. Describe the strategies for slowing population growth.

5. Describe the 5 stages of Demographic Transition and explain how births and deaths affect demographics. .

PART III: Face the Issues Answer 3 of 5

Instructions: Answer these thought questions with the intent of defending your answer.

1. Given the definition of pollution as what mankind is putting back into the Earth, what is the only way to bring about an end to pollution? How would this be achieved?

2. How could mankind destroy the earth?

3. Who should be in charge of setting the limits on conceptions? What problems are to be foreseen with this decision being made at this level?

4. Why was Malthus wrong in his predictions? How should this be viewed in relationship to more recent foreboding warnings?

5. In order to prevent a “population explosion” you must do one of two things, decrease births or increase deaths. What would be the result of each of the two extended out to practice?