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Mental Health Case StudySchool

Bethesda University of California

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PLEASE MAKE SURE TO USE BOOK REFERENCES/CITATION FOR CASE STUDY ASSIGNMENTS. Please answer questions in complete sentences and use examples when necessary. Please follow APA fo

Donna, age 24, has just returned from visiting her grandmother Sandra, age 82, who has Alzheimer’s disease. Donna’s parents recently moved Sandra into the dementia unit of a local nursing home because they were unable to safely care for her at home anymore. Donna is upset, and says, “I never want to live to be that old! It’s just too depressing to be old—your mind goes, your body falls apart…what’s the point of living anymore?”

  1. What beliefs about older people might Donna have that are contributing to her negative attitude toward aging?
  1. What positive aspects of growing older might surprise Donna and make her less likely to consider aging to be such a negative experience?
  1. Although there’s no cure for Alzheimer’s disease, what can you tell Donna about managing the disease that might make her feel better about her grandmother Sandra’s situation?