Kaplan and Norton’s Balance Scorecard for Amazon within 3 hours


Kaplan and Norton’s Balance Scorecard for Amazon within 3 hours

I need SECTION 8 of my project done. Fill out the Balance Scorecard for Amazon. Please look at the attached files. One is my project that needs to be complete and another is Kaplan and Norton’s article on the balance scorecard. YOU NEED TO CITE EVERYTHING WHERE YOU ARE FINDING THE INFORMATION. PUT all the work cited for section 8 right under. This is the sections that needs to be done: VIII. Evaluation and Control 8.1 Measuring Performance (This section needs to be just a paragraph of explaining how performance in the Balance Scorecard is measured) 8.2 Balanced Scorecard 8.2.1 Financial 8.2.2 Customer 8.2.3 Internal Business Process 8.2.4 Learning and Growth Each of them have chart. It needs to have 4 items each and how to get it. Provide, illustrative model of your Balance Scorecard to complement your response. Everything needs to backed up by sources and references for 8.2 This is from CEO Project The purpose of this assignment is for you to not only master the discipline of thinking strategically, but also for you to have a tangible product to showcase for potential employers and other decision makers that may influence your immediate career. In short, you will perform a comprehensive strategic analysis and implementation plan of the firm’s general strategy to achieve its short and long-term goals and objectives. We will use the Strategic Audit as a guide to build your grand strategy. Remember, you will be performing the assignment from the perspective of the CEO and you will design a strategy that takes into account every aspect of the firm’s history, vision and mission, market and financial positions, culture, and values. The CEO Project will be delivered in two stages with two different reports: Stage Two: Final Report  This is your final. During Week Eleven, each CEO team will submit their final plan during a specified time, place and date. The final draft is to include:  25 page minimum document – double spaced, professional formatting, business quality, spiral bound (not including attachments)  Ten minimum quality references (journal articles, key books, reports, etc.) (APA)  Submitted on time and via safe assignment

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