Howard Community College An Anatomy of Substance Dependence DiscussionSchool


Howard Community College An Anatomy of Substance Dependence DiscussionSchool

Howard Community College

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The video presents some facts from the book that show how these two individuals made great contributions to the fields of psychology and surgery, respectively, although they were both, at one time, dependent on cocaine (Bowser, 2011).

Please notice how people can still make very important contributions to society while being substance dependent. Also, notice how in the case of these two individuals, they were not incarcerated, character “assassinated” or demonized by the society. This video is also evidence that history is still repeating itself today with the marketing of new drugs that are supposed to be the next so-called “miracle drug.” Unfortunately, many of these “miracle drugs” are still subsequently discredited because of the harmful effects that they produce.

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After viewing the video, please discuss some point or issue that stands out for you. Explain in detail what it is, and why you feel this way. Please write using APA Style in your citations and references list. You will gain more points if you support your position with information from at least two new references not already listed by your instructor. Please make these references quality and scholarly peer-reviewed ones–(preferably primary sources).


Bowser, B. (2011, October 17). Cocaine: How ‘miracle drug’ nearly destroyed Sigmund Freud, William Halsted. [Video].