How Employee Training Affect Customer Loyalty


How Employee Training Affect Customer Loyalty


The effects of training employees on customer loyalty and retention


Title: How Employee Training Affect Customer Loyalty
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2 Abstract

The operation and success of every organization are governed by the performance of the employees. The latter therefore make employees significant and major assets of any organization. The performance of the employees and therefore the success of the organization entirely depend on the skills of the workers.

Employee training is one of the major ways of equipping the employees with the necessary skills for their work and also to ensure that they offer the best services to the customers. Constant training of the employees is critical in enabling them to update their knowledge according to the emerging issues hence improving their job performance.

The current business climate is highly dynamic and requires that all the workers be equipped with the necessary skills to help the organization keep up with the market changes and the stiff competition.

Tourism and hospitality industry is a volatile industry whose success entirely relies on the level of customer service. Since most of the services provided by the tourism and hospitality companies involve direct interaction between the customers and the employees, the employees should be well equipped with the skills and knowledge to offer the services satisfactorily.

Customer loyalty is an important aspect that every organization in the tourism and hospitality industry wishes to have. Customer loyalty depends on the ability to give the customers satisfactory services. Employee training is, therefore, a fundamental step in promoting service delivery. The paper herein looks at the relationship between employee training and customer loyalty.

The paper consists of an introduction part explaining the general relationship between employee training and customer loyalty. The literature review part, as well as the research methodology, used to obtain the results. Hospitality and tourism industry have been used as a case study to determine the relationship between the two latter factors.

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