How Cannabis Industry profits are changing the lives of every american ?


paper instructions:The final essay for this class is a presentation of your opinion on a topic that you have chosen that is connected to the semester’s theme: How money changes the way we think, behave, believe. This essay is argumentative in nature. To us, this means you should be writing to support your idea, to defend it by using credible and authoritative sources from your research as well as observations and experiences from your own life.  You should be adding your own voice to the conversation of scholars to which you have been introduced through your research.  Failure to write an essay that addresses the semester theme will earn no more than 75 percent of the available points. 

The objectives for this project will be met by showing your ability to
•    Focus on a single idea related to the larger topic area we’ve been discussing in class and you have researched individually.
•    Present a thesis idea that gives the essay a purpose.
•    Begin with a creative but also informative introduction that leads the reader to the thesis idea.
•    End on a conclusive note, where the thesis is emphasized in light of the information given in the essay.
•    Explain, support or defend all assumptions made in the essay with sufficient and varied source material or information; cite and document such material used in the essay according to MLA guidelines; reasonably accommodate possible other points of view or arguments.
o    Using sufficient secondary source material.
o    Using adequate primary source material.
•    Include an accurate Works Cited or References page to document all of the sources used in the essay.
(NOTE: failure to include a mostly accurate Works Cited or References will result in no credit)

The essay will be evaluated by the student’s success at
•    Clearly and reasonably convincing the reader of the essay’s thesis through the use of sufficient and relevant source materials and personal observations.
•    Developing the essay with explanation and relevant commentary to assist the source materials and other evidence in supporting the essay’s thesis.
•    Clearly and accurately using source material, including: well chosen quotations, consistent paraphrasing and precise summarizing.
•    Using clear and creative transitions to signal use of sources and relationships between separate points. 
•    Reasonably anticipating, considering and explaining or accommodating counter points and other potential cracks in the thesis idea.
•    Showing connections between ideas, synthesizing those ideas into new points.
•    Creatively organizing the essay for emphasis and clarity.
•    Keeping mechanical, grammatical, typographical and other such errors to a minimum.

The essay should be:
•    8-10 pages long (give or take a half page…)
•    Typed, double-spaced, one inch margins.
•    Numbered on each page, MLA
•    Titled appropriately.

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