Hist 405N Week 4 quizzes


Hist 405N Week 4 quizzes

Other than rice, what was South Carolina’s most significant export in the early eighteenth century?

By the eighteenth century, the leading slave-trading nation had become

What aspect of the New England economy grew most dramatically in the eighteenth century?

How did Thomas Paine’s pamphlet Common Sense transform American thinking about politics?

Why did the British shift their attention to the South in the latter years of the American Revolution?

What was the effect of King George III’s rejection of the “Olive Branch” petition sent by the First Continental Congress?

How might the Whig theory of virtual representation have contributed to the tensions leading to the American Revolution?

Why did Americans of the revolutionary generation look to the Roman Republic as a model?

Women were expected to participate in the political life of the new republic by

What caused the trade deficit with Britain after the Revolution?

What encouraged President Taylor to secure the annexation of Texas?

What was Henry Clay’s position on the annexation of Texas?

The Wilmot Proviso proposed that

In the Lincoln-Douglas debates, Abraham Lincoln stated his belief that

Which aspect of the Compromise of 1850 proved to be most controversial?

Uncle Tom’s Cabin by Harriet Beecher Stowe influenced Northerners in what way?

What did the Kansas-Nebraska Act accomplish?

The Emancipation Proclamation

Which was a major problem on the Southern home front throughout the Civil War?

Whom did President Lincoln name as commander of all Union forces in early 1864?

What finally abolished slavery in the United States?

Why was Abraham Lincoln’s Reconstruction policy called the “Ten Percent Plan”?

The organization known as the Freedmen’s Bureau was established as

Andrew Johnson was selected as President Lincoln’s running mate in the 1864 presidential election in order to appeal to

Which statement would most likely have been said by a Radical Republican in 1865?

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