Genre of Pop Culture Essay


Genre of Pop Culture Essay

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I don’t know how to handle this Music question and need guidance.

At least 3 full pages

APA or MLA formatted

Single-spaced sentences

Times New Roman font, size 12

Title page and bibliography/reference page with at least two peer-reviewed sources (journal articles, textbooks, or academic publications).

There is a penalty for anything less than three pages but no penalty for going over three pages.

Your paper must include the following:

An introduction, body, and conclusion like all papers. You may write in the first person.

For this assignment, begin by identifying a genre of pop culture you especially love. For example, I find myself drawn to science fiction literature. Your choices are limitless- you can pick from the field of music, movies, books, television programs, bands, even people- the list goes on. If you are unsure about what you pick, let me know via email and we can Facetime or Zoom to brainstorm together.

Introduction: Introduce that genre to your reader (me) and state why you are drawn to that genre. What got you started in that genre, when did you start, and what keeps you interested in that genre? Most importantly, what does your interest and passion for this genre say about you?

Body paragraphs: History of the genre, notable names and events connected with that genre, and its current impact on popular culture in the United States and/or the world.

Pick any one of the three sociological perspectives (Functionalist, Conflict, or Interactionist) to analyze why your genre is popular. At the end of each Sociological Perspective PowerPoint, I have posted questions. You may use those questions to get your analysis started. If you are confused, let’s talk!

Conclusion: Summarize the paper for me and add at least one new fact you learned about the genre