Feasibility Study of Dynamic Courtesy Pay/Over Draft Program


Feasibility Study of Dynamic Courtesy Pay/Over Draft Program

You are to provide a written feasibility study of Dynamic Courtesy Pay/ Over Draft Program for Granite Credit Union for your proposed project , This has the potential to increase non-interest income and provide a valuable service to our members. Project Description: Identify and describe a business process or task that can benefit from information technology or an upgrade of an existing technology platform. Please select a project or task within the appropriate scope for the project assignment. Feasibility Analysis: Evaluate each of the following areas of feasibility: 1. Technical Feasibility: Evaluate your project relative to the basic information activities. Identify key inputs, processes, and output, storage and control requirements of your proposed system. 2. Economic Feasibility: Evaluate your project relative to identifiable costs and benefits. Costs and benefits must be quantifiable and SMART (i.e. specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and timely) in order to evaluate net benefits or costs. 3. Legal Feasibility: Identify any legal, regulatory and/or ethical requirements that the information systems must conform. 4. Operational Feasibility: Identify how your proposed project will support business priorities of the organization, solve identified problems or add value to processes and stakeholders. 5. Schedule Feasibility: Prepare a GANTT chart for major milestones of your proposed information systems based on the key elements of the Systems Development Life Cycle (SCLC) Recommendation: Provide a recommendation whether to implement your proposed information project based on the overall assessment of your feasibility analysis. I need this by April 29th by 9:00 PM

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