Education Assignment



                                                      EDUCATION ASSIGNMENT

 *There are three parts (Part A, Part B, Part C) to this assignment that must be uploaded separately

Answer the following questions. AND READ/ ANSWER CAREFULLY!!!!

Read & Watch the following below to answer the following questions.

Read “Howard Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences” by Howard Gardner

Watch 8 Intelligences – Theory of Multiple Intelligences Explained – Dr. Howard Gardner

Watch “Learning Styles & Multiple Intelligences: Theory Integration”


Part A — Discuss what Gardner calls Intelligence, and compare his definitions to what schools generally call IQ (intelligence Quotient) 1 PAGE

Part B — Take an inventory (Multiple Intelligences survey on the internet) and explain what you think is your strongest Intelligence and why? Were you surprised by the results? Explain how you would use your Intelligence to prepare lessons for your students in a classroom. 2 PAGES

Part C — Investigate the Theory of Differentiated Instruction (DI). Discuss why this is important in applying the Theory of Multiple Intelligences(MI) in planning lessons for diverse student populations and give an example from one subject area?  2 PAGES.

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