Case analysis coretek


Case analysis coretek

here I have the complete case history You need to go through the case and answer the given three question with the change in the situation you are supposed to make a draft sheet too HERE ARE THE iNSTRUCTIONS FOR SPREAD SHEET: how to approach the equity analysis for the subject case. Here’s an approach that I found helpful. Construct a spread sheet with the following columns: 1-Date 2-Amount (of investment/grants )3-Pre-money Valuation 4-Post Money Valuation 5-Events 1 6-Parviz or Founders 7-Angels 8-VC1 9-VC2 10-Events 2 11-Parviz or Founders 12-Angels 13-VC1 14-VC2 The spreadsheet will have at least 4 rows. We will link everything to the key dates in the analysis. Therefore, in the Date column you can put 1/1/98 in Row 1, 1/1/99 in Row 2, 9/1/99 in Row 3, and 6/1/01 in Row 4. In the amount column place the investment/purchase amounts in each of the rows. (I urge you to use amounts in $M) So, in row 1 you will place 5.5 (That’s the grants money in the first set of events and the Angels investment in the second set of events.) In the second cell place 6.0. That’s the amount invested by VC1. In the third cell place 20.5. That’s the amount….you guessed it ….VC2 invested. In the 4th cell place 1350. That’s the amount Nortel paid for the company. In the Pre-money and Post-money evaluation columns place the proper amount in each of the cells. (The case gives that to you.) In the Events 1 column, place Grants, A Round, B Round, and Sale in the corresponding rows in that column. In row 1 of the first Parviz column, place 100%. Next, in the Events 2 column place Seed, A Round, B Round, and Sale in the cells in that column. Now you are ready to address all the questions about investments and equity in the case. You will need to format the cells and insert the correct formulas. This is a fairly simple spreadsheet, but gives you an idea what you can do from an analysis standpoint if you want to vary some of the parameters.I have attached a starting spreadsheet for you to see and work with if you prefer.Hope this helps.

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