California State University Overview of The Public Health Issue EssaySchool


California State University Overview of The Public Health Issue EssaySchool

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Paper Requirements: All papers must be 3 complete pages minimum, typed, double-spaced, using 12 point font (Arial or Times New Roman), and with 1-inch margins. The reference list does not count toward page limitations. Please format your references using APA style. An abstract is not required. Paper should also follow the APA style of referencing citations. This includes proper citation of reference materials in the text and the reference section at the end of the paper. You should select any current public health event or ongoing health problem from a professional and reputable publication. Examples are: •Daily publications, websites, tweets, social media outlets,—(e.g.): Los Angeles Times, New York Times, etc. •Weekly publications—(e.g.): Time, Newsweek, etc. or Health-related websites. Public Health journals and public health publications can be used to supplement your primary article with additional information.Fact sheets and/or results of a study are not acceptable sources. If you are unsure of a source’s credibility, check with me first. The chosen topic must be current, occurring within the last 6-9 months. You must completely cite your sources and include a link to your source to your paper.Point Distribution: Your summary should cover the following areas—1.Introduction: Provide a summary of the article and an objective overview of the public health issue. What issue is the article highlighting? Discuss why this is a public health issue.PROVIDE THE LINK FOR YOUR ARTICLE FOR ME TO REVIEW. 2.Introduction: Provide a summary of the article and an objective overview of the public health issue. What issue is the article highlighting?Discuss why this is a public health issue. PROVIDE THE LINK FOR YOUR ARTICLE FOR ME TO ACCESS. 3.Cause and severity of the issue: Discuss the causes and severity of the health issue. Who is affected, what are the current statistics, what are the risk factors? 4.Intervention: Identify public health agencies involved (or should be involved, examples include CDC, FDA, NIH, California Department of Public Health). What specific interventions are discussed? What steps are being taken to remedy the health problem?Provide examples. 5.Recommendations: Your detailed suggestions for additional prevention efforts to address this problem. 6.Mechanics: Sentence structure, grammar, spelling, appropriate APA style7.You may need to use more than one source in addition to your primary article to meet the requirements as listed in the rubric. For example, if your article does not mention a specific public health agency then you may need to find another source that explains what agency/agencies are typically involved in addressing your public health current event related topic.