BUSAD 120 GC Federal Government Powers Under the US Constitution EssayCourse


BUSAD 120 GC Federal Government Powers Under the US Constitution EssayCourse

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I’m working on a Business Law question and need guidance to help me study.

Tips for success: I expect your original writing. Your writing will be checked for copying or plagiarism. Copying someone else’s writing is cheating, and will be reported. Points will be awarded (up to 10 points) based on completeness of items asked for, and good, effective, clear written examples.

But, I know you are not a lawyer. Plain English is fine. I want to see that you “get it,” in terms of the basic ideas. I also am looking for you to be complete in the list of items you put there, with an answer written for each item. But I do not expect very lengthy writing. A sentence or two, or a short paragraph, is fine for each item. If in doubt, be sure to write SOMETHING for each item. For points, even a bad guess is far better than nothing! But a well-thought answer is far better than a bad one.

Layout or format of answer: anything you choose that makes sense is fine.

Your writing ASSIGNMENT:

a) List the FEDERAL GOVERNMENT POWERS under the US Constitution from Notes 1.1, page 1: these are: WAR, MONEY, TREATIES, INDIAN TRIBES relations, regulating INTERSTATE COMMERCE, BANKRUPTCY, federal TAXES, and anything NECESSARY AND PROPER for these (above) powers.

b) For EACH government power you listed, under each one, give an EXAMPLE of the federal (U.S.) government doing something (creating some agency of government, passing some actual law(s), or doing some project) that shows that FEDERAL government power in action.

Better: put a little bit of a story in it. It does not have to be a true story. So, for example, not just “the federal government declares a war”; but instead, as a better answer, add a little bit more: “the federal government declares war against XYZ Nation and [say some further action it does to carry it out] ….”