Ashford University Loneliness And Stress During the Pandemic Period PaperSchool


Ashford University Loneliness And Stress During the Pandemic Period PaperSchool

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Question Description

Write a one page reflection based on a survey result. It should respond following questions.

This research was about are people using creativity as a tool to overcome loneliness and relief stress? If so, which platforms is the most popular platform to share their creativity?

  • How random was your sample?
  • How diversified is your sample for age, cultural, socio-economic level, etc.
    • What does that tell you?
  • What do you believe your findings reveal in general?
  • What type of research is this?
  • What could you have done better or would choose to do differently to obtain the most accurate results possible?

To give you a quick start I have some words already filled out, please add them to the final work as you please.

  • We began our process by posting an anonymous survey online (to Reddit, Facebook, and personal contacts) to see if people’s needs and values had changed over the past 8 weeks now that we are more accustomed to a quarantine lifestyle.
  • From this data we were able to assess our demographic to design for (18-24 yrs old) and their experience with online communities [show data/graphs].
  • With 71.4% expressing that they developed artistic hobbies or creative outlets during quarantine, this showed the importance for people of having something to do and learning new things.
  • We also surveyed what inspired their artistic creativity, with the top three results being personal accomplishment, stress and social media.

Also please cite some contents from one of these articles in the final work.………