(Answered): Writings on African American Participation in the Revolution (1775-1781)


(Answered): Writings on African American Participation in the Revolution (1775-1781)

For this discussion, Read the attached below on file then answer the following questions in a discussion post. Directions: The rhetoric of liberty and the demands of war created opportunities for enslaved African American to demand their freedom. Some slaves requested their emancipation in letters and petitions, while others took more direct action, running to the british lines. Most British colonists, however, were unwilling to question slavery as the war continued,and the legal status of African Americans did not change. — Review the attached article, describe the role African American played in the American Revolution. — All discussion must have must use 5 footnotes and a bibliography at the end. — Only use the curse reader or textbook, no outsider other sources can be used. — All statement must be in your own words, avoid quoting.

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