(Answered): Who Should be the Next President: Hilary or Trump?Why?


(Answered): Who Should be the Next President: Hilary or Trump?Why?

RESEARCH PAPER TOPIC AND REQUIREMENTS Write a total of ten-pages paper on the current presidential election using two valid Internet sites, two valid news sites like FOX, CNN, etc., and two books to include your test book and a book found on JSTOR or in your local or college library. Choose a candidate that you think has the best chance of becoming president and why, based on their issues and how they plan to resolve current problems. Use the APA format for the paper and especially the citations. Use can also use the APSA if you have used it and feel comfortable with that format. Create your Bibliography. This paper is due on or by July 20. THERE WILL BE NO EXTENSIONS. 1. Ten pages total, counting your cover page and Bibliography. A Bibliography may run over one page and that is okay. a. Title or cover page with clip art relating to your subject. Include the numbers 3-6 at the bottom of the cover page: i. Topic name ii. Clip art 1. Your name 2. Course name 3. My name 4. Date iii. Eight FULL pages on the topic iv. NO THESIS PAGE even though APA requires one v. Bibliography page with FULL citations as required by the source used b. Calibri 12 font c. Double space all work 2. Use APA formatting – 3. Insert a header with your name, course name, and date across one line at the top a. Evans POLS 1101 July 20, 2016 4. Insert a page number at the bottom center of the page. 5. Create a PowerPoint showing information from your research. The PowerPoint could show issues per candidate, states supporting your chosen candidate, popularity of the candidate as of the writing of your topic, or any information you consider important. This will be part of your eight pages of the topic. 6. Bibliography or Source Page a. Must have two Internet sources b. Must have two credible news sources like FOX, CNN, MSNBC c. Two book sources i. Your Textbook ii. A book source from JSTOR or your library NO THESIS PAGE needed.

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