(Answered): Were the German militarism and diplomacy responsible for the world war I?


(Answered): Were the German militarism and diplomacy responsible for the world war I?

This assignment requires you to analyze a debate in world history. In this case you must determine if the German nation was primarily responsible for the outbreak of World War I. Again, you are required to identify the debate in the introduction of your paper, lay out the evidence used by both sides to make their case, and then conclude with why one side is more convincing, and why the other side fails to convince you. You may also determine that you like, or dislike, both. In any case, make sure you provide a critical opinion on both sides, and not simply a summary. Here are a few issues you should keep in mind while reading the essays by Berghahn (Yes side) and Williamson (No side). Be prepared to discuss these issues, and the evidence of each side, in class on the day the paper is due.  Why did Germany want war, and why was Germany most responsible for it, according to Berghahn?  What are the responsibilities of the other nations, according to Williamson?  Does Williamson feel any of these nations bear a greater burden than the others?  Is it reasonable to argue that only one nation was responsible for World War I?  Is it reasonable to argue that everybody shared equally in the lead up to the war?  Why is this debate important today? All Taking Sides papers can be revised once. Dates for the original submission and the submission of the revised copy are on the syllabus. Your papers will be in formal essay format. Papers will be a maximum of 5 pages, double spaced, typed, stapled, with 1-1.25 inch margins, using a Times New Roman, 12 point font.

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