(Answered): The Slave Ship and King Leopold’s Ghost


(Answered): The Slave Ship and King Leopold’s Ghost

Adam Hochschild, King Leopold’s Ghost (available online) Marcus Rediker, The Slave Ship (available online) Steven Tischler, Making Sense of European History to 1914 3. Explain how the operation of a slave ship reflected the strategies and outlook of those who supported the goals of a market economy/capitalism. Reading Assignment: Rediker, The Slave Ship (all) In your essay, you should address • the treatment of Africans (the “product”) • the relationship between the captain (the “manager”) and the crew (the “labor force”) • the construction and function of various parts of the ship itself • how kidnapped Africans resisted their captors 4. How did the unrestricted right to own unlimited amounts of property create enormous wealth and poverty simultaneously in Western European countries? How did competition over the acquisition of private property lead to technological change (changes in the way goods were produced) and the expansion of Western European businesses and business techniques to other parts of the world? Reading assignment: Tischler, Making Sense of European History to 1914 Chapters 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 In your essay, you should address • why and how businesses were transformed from the guild system to domestic manufacture to the factory system • how this process ultimately impoverished small producers (in domestic manufacture) and wage earners • why British industrialists felt compelled to find additional markets in other regions of Europe during the 1830s and 1840s • why the success of the Free Trade Movement created a crisis of its own by 1873 5. Examine the impact of imperialism after 1873 on Africans and Europeans. Reading assignment: Hochschild, King Leopold’s Ghost (all) Tischler, Making Sense of European History to 1914 Chapter 7 Your essay should address • the myths that European elites put forward to justify imperialism to the European population as a whole; • the strategies that European elites developed to enrich themselves • the ways industrial technology made the occupation of Africa and Asia possible • the ways in which notions of racial inferiority were used to justify atrocities • the long-term effects of imperialism on native populations of Africa and Asia **Each Assignment must include proper in-text citations using original text. Additional References must be limited** Reference Page must comply with APA format and verifiable. Three full pages each not including the reference page.

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