(Answered): Research Paper for U.S. History through Reconstruction


(Answered): Research Paper for U.S. History through Reconstruction

1. Compare the settlement of the New World by the English with that of the Spanish, French, and Dutch. What were the fundamental differences and similarities between them? Consider in your answer the treatment of Native Americans, and the purpose that the colonies were to serve for their respective empires. 2. Of all of the English Colonies in North America, which would have been the best to live in, in your opinion? Which would have been the worst? Support your answers with evidence and examples drawn from the time period- and be sure to make comparisons and contrast the colonies with one another. 3. Many historians claim that the American Revolution was a conservative revolution, intended to preserve the freedoms to which many Americans had been entitled to as English subjects for decades. Still other historians claim that the American Revolution was the most radical movement of its time—the first province of a European empire to proclaim independence and establish a republic based on virtue, merit, and equality. Do you agree with these arguments? Why or why not? In your answer, be sure to consider how American colonists saw themselves and were treated in the larger world of the British Empire. It is highly recommended that you include Gordon Wood’s Radicalism of the American Revolution as a secondary source, and consider whether you agree or disagree with his thesis. 4. Contrary to popular belief, a majority of American colonists did not support the revolution, and a significant minority, estimated to be one third the population were Loyalists. Who likely joined the loyalist camp? How were these loyalists treated before and during the revolution? What happened to them after the war ended? You may use the cases of specific individuals as examples to make your points. 5. Explain the significance of the institution of slavery on American history. You can choose to focus on a particular aspect of American history, such as the Civil War, or slave revolts. 6. Why was there so little opposition to the expulsion of the Native American peoples from the South? What in Americans’ attitudes toward and experience with Native Americans created this situation? 7. Examine the concept of Manifest Destiny. What were the causes and ultimate effects of this belief? 5- 7 pages, complete before 10 AM, pacific time.

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