(Answered): Paper based on a individual thats notable in planning and public policy


(Answered): Paper based on a individual thats notable in planning and public policy

Individual Notables in Planning and Public Policy in the US and Abroad You will be required to write a 4-5 pp. paper on a key individual in the field of planning and public policy. You will be given a list of individuals appropriate for this assignment. This is worth 20% of your final grade. As you know, one of the class assignments is to pick and individual that is notable in US planning or that has influenced planning in the US. It should incorporate the following information: 1) name of the individual you chose; 2) biographical information on the individual (date and place of birth, death; why you chose the individual); 3) something about the individual’s background; 4) why this person is important to planning; and 5) five (5) complete bibliographical sources for articles, reports, and books that were written by the individual or about the individual along with a couple of sentences describing the contents article, book, or report. Papers must answer all 5 pieces of information. You should use 12pt font, double-space, with appropriate margins. The paper is due Tuesday, October 24, 2017 at the beginning of class. Late papers will be penalized 2 points per day. Here is a list of possible individuals for the paper. If you want to choose someone not on this list, you must get it approved by me in advance. LeCorbusier Jane Jacobs Jean Gottman Edmund Bacon Robert Moses Kevin Lynch Jane Addams John DeGrove Gifford Pinchot John Muir Ian McHarg Donald Appleyard Susan Fainstein John Friedmann Robert Freilich Frank Lloyd Wright Baron Von Hausman Louis Wirth Mary Kingsbury Simkhovitch Raymond Unwin James Oglethorpe Herbert Gans Paul Davidoff Norm Krumholz Chester Hartman Martin Meyerson Charles Lindblom Martha Derthick Sherry Arnstein Albert Gallatin Sam Bass Warner Kenneth Jackson Joel Garreau Andres Duany Peter Calthorpe Ebenezer Howard John Reps Frederick Law Olmsted Calvert Vaux Daniel Burnham Charles Mulford Robinson Lincoln Steffens W.E.B DuBois Martin Luther King John Nolen Rachel Carson Marion Clawson Clarence Stein Clarence Perry William H. Whyte Parris Glendenning Pierre L’Enfant James Rouse Anthony Downs Jacob Riis Mary E. Brooks Lewis Mumford Edward Bassett Benjamin Marsh Sam Bass Warner Leonie Sandercock Grace Abbott

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