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nPurposennThe final week will focus on Global Policy Reform and the impact on patient care. Students read the Berwick article and respond to the required discussions. In addition, students reflect on what they have learned in NR506NP and how it is applicable to their upcoming clinical courses.nnActivity Learning OutcomesnnThrough this discussion, the student will demonstrate the ability to:nnUnderstand the role of advanced practice nursing in the International Context (CO2)nResearch global aspects of healthcare and the effect on the US healthcare system (CO5)nDiscuss the implications of global health on your clinical practice (CO5)nDue Date: Wednesday by 11:59pm MT of week 8nnStudents must post a minimum of two times in each graded discussion. The two posts in each individual discussion must be on separate days. Posting twice on two different days meets the minimum requirement however for full credit, the student must post?at least three substantive posts on three different days. The student must provide an initial post to each graded discussion topic posted by the course instructor, by Wednesday, 11:59 p.m. MT of Week 8. Subsequent posts, including essential responses to peers, must occur no later than the?Saturday, 11:59 p.m. MT at the end of Week 8.?Students are expected to submit assignments by the time they are due. Threaded discussions are not considered assignments and are not part of the late assignment policy.nnA 10% late penalty will be imposed for discussions posted after the deadline on Wednesday of week 8 by 11:59PM MST, regardless of the number of days late. NOTHING will be accepted after 11:59pm MT on Saturday (i.e. student will receive an automatic 0). Week 8 discussion closes on Saturday at 11:59pm MT.nnTotal Points Possible: 100nnRequirements:nnBerwick, D., Snair, M., & Nishtar, S. (2018). Crossing the global health care quality chasm: A key component of universal health coverage. Journal of American Medical Association, 320(13), 1317-1318.nnRead the Berwick article and reflect on the concepts and practices you have learned in NR506 on healthcare systems, politics, and health policy. Reflections should include:nnHow to make informed decisions on nursing practice and patient outcomes on a global basis.? In addition, state how you will apply what you have learned in this course to your upcoming practicum experience.nDescribe how one will apply content from NR506NP to the upcoming clinical courses