(ANSWERED) NR394 Week 6 Assignment: Course Project Part 3: Topic Poster (Graded)


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Points Possiblenn200 PointsnnDirectionsnnYou will complete a Poster reflecting the concepts of transcultural nursing related to the assessment, reflect on learning, and describe how you will utilize that learning in future nursing practice.nYou will be teaching classmates about your chosen topic on cultural awareness and competence in Week 7 Discussion.nDownload the required Week 6: Course Project Part 3 Poster Template below.nSave it to your computer with the file name: Your Last Name NR394 Course Project Part 3.pptxnView the Course Project Part 3 tutorial. (Click here to view) (Links to an external site.)nPoster contents include:nCultural CommunitynThis section should briefly in clear/concise bullet points include the approved specific culture/ethnic population, rationale for selection, cultural/ethic need within your area, clinical practice, or community, and describe the approved health issue from your chosen cultural population.nHealth IssuenThis section should describe briefly in clear/concise bullet points how the health issue is based on the Leading Health Indicator (LHI) priorities from Healthy People. Describe the reason why the health issue was selected and why it is important to focus on this health issue.nClinical ImpactnThis section should include clear/concise bullet points on how this content can be related to clinical practice in general. Also, make sure to include how it impacts your area, clinical practice, or community.nBest Practice TipsnThis section should include clear/concise bullet points on key knowledge from the scholarly resources and educational information related to best practices, including potential ethical issues or conflicts with care. Please make sure to not stereotype a cultural/ethnic group.nReferencesnProvide APA references from two peer-reviewed scholarly professional nursing journal articles related to your nursing issue, cultural focus and/or health indicator. Articles must be published within the last five (5) years.